LITR 3731: Creative Writing 2006

Index to Student Poetry Submissions & Revision Accounts

Instructor's Choice

Patty Coleman, "I'm Cool"

Joe Cuellar, "Would You . . . ?"

Neelam Damani, "Absalom's Lament"

Joanna Ellis, "Redemption"

Heidi Gerke, "Distant Apparitions"

Karen Heidrich, "Shifting Sands"

JT O'Neal, "The Lady and the Mountain"

Demra Trube, "A House"

Ron Burton, "Walk Among the Winter's Trees"

Anissa Cantin, "Prayer of a Shrine Clown" & "Prayer of a Shrine Child"

Javier Carbajal, "I Hate Speeches"

Marina Collier, "Capitalism"

Charity English, "Nature's Monody"

Keely Flom, "Dark Day"

Mary Bel Garza, "Confirmation"

Tami Gilley, "Too Young to Understand"

Laura Guerrero, "Miracle"

Melissa Jones, "Final Thoughts of the Day"

Heather Meza, "My Last Five Minutes"

Jonathan Moeller, "The Storm"

Theresa Mullins, "Salty Winds"

Rosa Ortiz, "Moving On"

Sheila Rhodes, "Jigsaw People"