LITR 4328 American Renaissance / Model Assignments

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(final exam assignment)

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Essay A: mid-length essay from A1 or A2

A1. Review & prioritize your learning in American Renaissance

A1. Review & prioritize your learning in American Renaissance . . .

Alisha Blue, An Expanded Understanding of Romanticism

Elisa Cortez, What I thought I knew about American Renaissance

Tedra Mendoza, What American Renaissance Means

Bradley Tarpey, Reflections on a Semester of Learning

Christa Van Allen, What I Learned in Boating School is…

A1. OR describe your learning about Romanticism as a term or concept . . .

A2. Mid-length essay on 1 or 2 terms or subjects: 

Diane Oneydy Alonzo, Transcendence into Individualism (Transcendentalism)

Kristin Mizell, Do the Right Thing (Civil Disobedience)

Timothy Morrow, Religious Literature and Its Importance in the Classroom

Justin Murphy, Resistance = Change (Civil Disobedience)

Essay B:  essay on Poe, Whitman, and Dickinson.

   (continued > > >)

Ronnie Abshier, Different Styles in Romantic Poetry

Diane Oneydy Alonzo, The MVPs of Poetry

Alisha Blue, Poetry in the American Renaissance

Justin Murphy, Emily Allan Whitman: How Three Poets Vary in American Renaissance

Essay C: One (1) long essay
from C1, C2, C3, C4, or C5
(6-9 paragraphs)



C1. Variations on the Gothic.

Tedra Mendoza, Variations of the Gothic



C2. Literature & Morality. C3. Literature & History.

Diane Oneydy Alonzo, American Renaissance: The Era That Started the War

Kristin Mizell, The Importance of Historical Context

Timothy Morrow, The American Renaissance and the Historical Knowledge It Lends

Justin Murphy, HIST 201: American Renaissance

Jessica Zepeda, Literature & History

C4. Classic, Popular, & Representative Literature

Bradley Tarpey, The Hierarchy of Literature

C5. Romanticism & Realism.

Alisha Blue, Identifying the Realism From and Within Romanticism