LITR 5831 World / Multicultural Literature:
Tragedy & Africa


Research Proposal & Options


Model Assignments
for projects and posts from LITR 5831 Colonial-Postcolonial:

research posts, essays, & journals 2015

research posts, essays, and journals 2013

research posts 2011; research essays & journals 2011

research posts 2009; research essays & journals 2009

research posts 2008

research projects 2001


Research proposal due with midterm between 23 September-1 October (discuss with instructor any time)

Your Research Project is provisional and expected to evolve--as long as time permits, you may change your plan by communicating with instructor, but if the evolution of the topic is natural and unsurprising, proceed.

Research proposal length: 2-3 paragraphs, or incorporate into midterm essay(s)

Essential contents of proposal:

1. Indicate choice between two or three research options—either

  • 2 research posts (each 4+ paragraphs & Works Cited w/ 4+ sources) due 21-26 March & 12- 16 April


2. Explain choice: extensions of previous interests or knowledge, learning possibilities, reasons for curiosity, applications.

3. Indicate possible topics or contents of Research Posts or Project + reasons for interest, previous knowledge, possible texts, authors, themes, cultural or historical issues


Your Research Project is provisional--as long as time permits, change your plan by communicating with instructor

You have considerable freedom to develop your research according to your own needs or interests. However, most students entering this course have few preconceptions, topics, or ideas ready.

If you start with a "research post," you could develop that post into a research project, either essay or journal.

Simple advice for topics:

  • Review syllabus for texts, parts of world, objectives (themes and terms)

  • Review Model Assignments for previous projects and posts:

Research Plan Feedback

No grade for your Research Plan, though lack of effort or interest may be noted.

With your midterm I'll return some brief feedback. I almost never say "no" to a plan or proposal, but I may have suggestions for development.

If you choose Research Posts, the first is due 21-26 March, the second 12-16 April.

If you choose a Research Project, it is due 12- 16 April.

Grade and response to Posts or Project may arrive with "Final Grade Report" following final exam.