LITR 5831 World / Multicultural Literature

Research Options:

Research Posts OR Research Project

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Research Project may be Journal or Essay

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Research Plan

Research Posts

Research Project
(term paper or research journal)

Research Topics


With your midterm you will submit a 1-2 paragraph Research Plan, due week of 30 Sept.-4 Oct.

Choose from two options—either

2 research posts or reports (each 4+ paragraphs & Works Cited, 4+ sources) due 14-18 October & 18-22 November


1 research project: term paper or journal (12+ pages & Works Cited) due18-22 November


models from 2013

models from research projects (essays & journals) 2009

models from research posts 2009

models from research posts 2008

models from research projects 2001


possible topics for any / all research submissions