LITR 5831 World / Multicultural Literature

Student Presentations

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Discussion Leaders

Film Highlights

Poetry Readers

Web reviews

Purposes of student presentations:

  • Develop course’s seminar style.

  • Students practice high-level presentations and discussions.

  • Purpose is not to relieve the instructor of his duties--the easiest class is the instructor talking loudly to himself.

Presentation assignments are decided partly by student choice and partly by chance; student preferences are not guaranteed. On the opening class day, students may indicate preferences for presentations on an ID card. Before the second class a draft of the presentation schedule will be emailed to the class for review. 

“Silent Grade” for presentations, web postings, participation, etc.

  • You are graded for class participation in presentations, discussions, and general helpfulness.

  • This grade is not given, however, until your “Final Grade Report” at the end of the semester.

  • This “silent grade” avoids unproductive behavior such as second-guessing, competing, comparing, or performing to the teacher.

  • Better to keep grading for cooperative exercises out of sight, but grading leverage is necessary to make some students work

  • The participation grade does not normally diverge drastically from other grades.

General Rules for All Student Presentations:

1. 10-15 minute presentation limit. Beyond 10 minutes, you’re mostly talking to yourself.

  • Purpose is to share a selection, make a point or two, and lead a discussion.

  • Film highlights take extra time, which is granted.

2. Conclude presentation by asking a question and leading discussion.

  • Sometimes your fellow students just sit there, so have an extra question ready.

  • Sometimes they’ll want to discuss something besides what you asked--OK.

  • Keep asking and trying different angles until you get a response.

  • Sometimes you just have to wait a little.

  • Student comments should be directed to presenter, though instructor may take over now and then.