LITR 5831 World / Multicultural Literature

Poetry Reader Presentation

Readerís & instructor's responsibilities before presentation

Instructor will bring paper copies of assigned poem to class either the week before or the day of the reading.

Student should read the poem and practice reading it aloud beforehand. Student is welcome to communicate with instructor regarding pronunciations, questions, alternative readings, etc.

Readerís responsibilities in presentation (order is variable):

Introduce the poem briefly. Consider previewing questions or course objectives for discussion.

Read the poem aloud in a clear and appropriate style. (Practice pronunciations before, not in front of class.)

Interpret highlights of the poem in relation to course objectives

Ask questions and lead discussion. Keep focus on the poem.

Earlier versions of this seminar required web postings of Poetry presentations and discussions. Welcome to review as helpful the models below:

2008 poetry presentations

2005 poetry presentations

2003 poetry presentations

2001 poetry presentations