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LITR 4370 Tragedy

Narrative Genre

PowerPoint presentations are generally discouraged but may be needed more for this presentation than others (never required). If you prefer to use PowerPoint, use only for materials not available on the course website (e.g., for introduction of your example, notes, and your discussion questions.).

Do not copy and paste materials from course website into PowerPoint. Instead go to website for materials (e.g., term pages, text passages, instructor's discussion questions, objectives, etc.).

Before class . . .

 Student reviews relevant genre website & chooses 2+ scenes from a video of their choice to illustrate features of designated narrative genre.

In class . . .

1. Announce narrative genre and example.

2. Review relevant webpage (e.g. romance, comedy, satire) and possibly other sources. Review definition / description of genre.

3. Preview highlights / features in video scenes (+ preview questions?).

4. Show scenes from video that illustrate or exemplify chosen narrative genre (though other narrative genres may appear tooŚwelcome to compare & contrast).

5. Comment, invite comments, and ask questions (e.g.

Above all: How do the scenes you show fit the definition of your narrative genre?

6. When discussion is complete, summarize potential learning from narrative genre, video, and other texts or genres in course.

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