LITR 3731: Creative Writing
Lecture Notes 

6th meeting, 1st class on fiction

midterm submissions / schedule

last minute instructions

next week's assignments + reading leaders

fiction: Faron, Niki


fiction: Natalie, Jeff



3 September-1 October: The following students are required to do Draft Exchanges for their poetry manuscripts: Paul Acevedo, Jackie Baker, Peter Becnel, Jeff Derrickson, Naomi Gonzales, Jennifer M. Leonard, Amanda Pruett, Karina Ramos, Hillary Roth, Faron Samford, Ryan Smith, Natalie Walker, Christi Wood

Final email submissions for poetry + revision accounts

due by noon Saturday 3 October (email anytime b/w 28 Sept. & 3 Oct.)

models of poetry submissions & revision accounts (2009)

Models of poetry draft exchanges

Thursday, 1 October: first fiction workshop (presenters get extra time for poetry submissions)

1st Fiction Author: Faron Samford

1st fiction authorís Discussion Leader: Niki Bippen

2nd Fiction Author:  Natalie Walker

2nd fiction authorís Discussion Leader: Jeff Derrickson

Thursday, 8 October: First fiction workshop + discussion of reading assignments

Reading assignmentThree Genres, ch. 13 (pp. 155-166)

Reading highlight: Jackie Baker

1st Fiction Author: Ryan Smith

1st fiction authorís Discussion Leader: Naomi Gonzales


Model Assignments



Saturday noon deadline

If a crisis, communicate--worst is to make me contact you


Within 1-2 weeks of submission, I'll read your midterms and return a note and grade by email

Welcome to drop in for conference as convenient before or after, or email, phone, etc.



Grading of midterm submissions:

For a response, each of you will get a paragraph or two appraising

1. quality of poem + suggestions

2. quality of revision account + suggestions

3. essay response

But maybe just one overall grade for overall quality


last minute instructions


Titles help me a lot

Title your poem

Title your essay

"Revision Account" is OK, but be creative?