LITR 3731 Creative Writing

Draft Exchanges (in-person or email)


Work with others as much as you like, in person, by phone or email, in revising your manuscripts or helping others with theirs.

Minimal requirements:

  • For the poetry or fiction assignment that a student is not presenting to class, that assignment must be edited and revised through a draft exchange involving an Author and two Reviewers. (At least one reviewer must be a fellow student in our course.)

  • Purpose: to help you revise your manuscript and to provide content for the “Revision Account” required in your poetry or fiction submission.

  • For the manuscript s/he is not presenting to the whole class, the Author gives at least two reviewers (students and outsiders) one or more manuscripts for review.

  • The Author may explain contexts and ask for specific help.

  • Reviewers read your manuscript, evaluate it, ask questions, and make suggestions

  • The Author may respond to reviewers with comments about changes and revised manuscript. (This cycle may be repeated as often as profitable.)

  • Or the Author may simply absorb the first round of suggestions and explain how they were incorporated in the “Revision Account” that accompanies the submission.


Justification for draft exchanges:

  • Critiquing either a poetry or a fiction manuscript outside of class frees up time that would be taken if each student read both a poetry and fiction manuscript.

  • Email draft exchanges provide an exercise in non-classroom, self-directed sharing and editing of creative writing. Creative writers not enrolled in classes often participate in such exchanges, formally or informally.

Who can be your outside reviewers?

  • At least one of your reviewers must be a student in our class. If you have difficulties arranging this, confer with instructor.

  • Your other reviewer(s) may be friends, relatives, mentors, whoever you're comfortable with--but try to recruit someone with plenty to offer.