LITR 3731 Creative Writing

Lecture Notes


schedule & submissions

(model assignments)

workshop: Jeff, Amanda



reading: Karina

workshop: Jennifer + Jackie, Alicia


Thursday, 12 November: Fiction workshop + discussion of reading assignments

Reading assignmentThree Genres, ch. 22 (pp. 238-246)

Reading highlight: Karina Ramos

1st Fiction Author: Jeff Derrickson

1st fiction Author’s Discussion Leader: Amanda Pruett

2nd Fiction Author: Jennifer M. Leonard

2nd fiction Author’s Discussion Leader: Jackie Baker & Alicia Costello

Thursday, 19 November: Fiction workshop + discussion of reading assignments

1st Fiction Author: Naomi Gonzales

1st fiction Author’s Discussion Leader: Ryan Smith

2nd Fiction Author:  Christi Wood

2nd fiction Author’s Discussion Leader: J J Torres

Thursday, 26 November: No meeting--Thanksgiving holidays

1 October-3 December:  The following students are required to do Draft Exchanges for their fiction manuscripts: Marcus Austin, Niki Bippen, Alicia Costello, Tara McGee, Veronica Nadalin, J J Torres

Thursday, 3 December: Last fiction workshop + discussion of final exam

Fiction final submissions & revision accounts due by noon Monday 7 December

1st Fiction Author:  Amanda Pruett (extra time for final submission)

1st fiction Author’s Discussion Leader: Jeff Derrickson


Roundtable discussion of final exams: each student discusses emphases or asks questions on assignments.

Thursday, 10 December: Final Exam





ch. 22: Dialogue & Thoughts (pp. 238-246);


238 x-dialogue > informal essay

reveal character

advance plot


238 analyze, eavesdrop

x-tape recording

phatic speech = sociability, x-info


239 conventions of fictional dialogue and thoughts


239 conventions of dialogue

dialogue tag “s/he said”

okay repeatedly


240 alternatives become obtrusive

tone clear from dialogue itself


240 x-phonetic spelling—slows pace, draws attention to itself, patronizing

regional flavor < word choice and characteristic phrasing


240 if stops advancing plot or advancing understanding of speaker > paraphrase


241 paraphrase events not central to story


241 indirect quotations in conjunction with direct quotations


241 illusion of thoughts


242 descriptive passage but not objective


243 thoughts, like dialogue, have to be motivated by situation

x-exposition, background facts


243 illusion of a foreign language


244 word order that is characteristic of that language

cf. Hemingway


Pacing: Maintaining forward motion


244 thumb through without reading


245 speech patterns: character and mood


245 people with consistently distinctive speech patterns are a minority


245 calm, reflective mood < longer sentences, grammatical

moments of crisis < dialogue becomes fragmentary, abrupt, and frequently redundant