LITR 5831 World / Multicultural
Tragedy & Africa


Tragedy & Africa

Common & Unique Elements


Common to
Greek Tragedy & Africa

Unique to or emphatic in Africa

Family (esp. generations?), including Oedipal Complex

Blame shared, no easy answers

Tragic flaw(s)

Fate x-free will, destiny

Transition from tradition to modernity

Balance of three worlds: living, dead, unborn

Spiritual / religious context

Failure to perform ritual, complete narrative

Individual and community / world

Young girl, impregnated—ambiguity, mystery (Cassandra and young bride as characters eliciting sympathy, questions of justice)

Transition x-changes per se

Knowledge x understanding

Voyeuristic (?) human condition

Complicates change, motivation: fill my sack with dirt and rocks (?), my country right or wrong



chorus as community, sometimes elders, sometimes women

agora, market as setting

Market  + women (Iyaloja) (Grain of Wheat)


Dance, ball (MH&Boys, D&KH)

Carver, wood carving () (D&KH, Grain of Wheat)

Master () (MH&Boys)

Community (our son )

ancestors, the departed


Colonialism: world wrenched from true course (10); cf. Things Fall Apart

Hybrid characters

animal fables



Unique to Tragedy

Unique to Classical Greece / Western Civilization