LITR 5831 World / Multicultural Literature:
Tragedy & Africa

Video Presentation

Before class . . .

Student presenter reviews assigned video(s).

Choose 2+ scenes to show to class.

Questions to consider (during preparation or as questions for discussion)

How do the direction, acting, and / or settings confirm, enrich, or challenge expectations from reading the text?

How does the production of the play update or otherwise change the original time-setting? With what gains or losses?


In class . . .

1. Student identifies scenes (i.e. where the scenes occur in action of the play) + reasons for choosing these scenes & what to look for.

2. Student shows scenes. At end of each scene, student comments on highlights or issues, asks questions of class, or opens discussion to comments and questions.

3. When discussion seems complete, student summarizes what may be learned from video with the text we're reading.