American Literature: Romanticism
Assignment Options

Research Options Index

Your Research Proposal (due with midterm) will indicate your choice of the Research Options below, but you may change your option by conferring or communicating with instructor.

For details and models for each option, click on links below.

Research Essay (classic term paper, 12-15 pages) (due 16 November)

Research Journal (guided compilation of research findings) (12-15 pages) (due 16 November)

2 Research Posts (two 4+ paragraph reports on topics of choice relating to course) (1st post due 19-24 October; 2nd post due 16 November)

Conference proposal & presentation w/ commentary (due 16 November)

The main difference between the Research Journal and Research Posts from the Research Essay is that they involve less interpretation of literary texts and more reporting of what you learned from research about cultural, historical, or literary figures related to our course—see models for each option at Model Assignments.