LITR 4370 Tragedy

Birth of Tragedy Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are discouraged. If you prefer to use PowerPoint, use only for materials not available on the course website (e.g., for your own questions or summaries of your answers).

For this presentation, you'll primarily use the paper-text Birth of Tragedy but also secondarily the website's Glossary to Birth of Tragedy and Instructor's notes to Birth of Tragedy. (Neither required, but especially the Glossary is helpful and worth modeling.)

Student location: Student may work up-front or remain seated; instructor can help with computer-projector as necessary.

1. Announce assignment, open Glossary to Birth of Tragedy.

2. Open floor to questions, comments about day's reading assignment. (Presenter is not responsible for knowing answers but only for managing discussion.)

3. Direct class to 2+ passages in day's reading assignment. Read aloud.

Choose your passages according to what interested or pleased you, or possibly what you want help understanding.)

4. Comment & ask questions. (Prepare at least two questions or areas for discussion based on passages reviewed.)

5. At end of presentation, summarize what has been attempted and learned +- challenges remaining. Ask a discussion question?

Presenter is not expected to be an authority on Nietzsche or to have answers to all questions.

      Presenter may identify problem areas as well as areas that worked.

Relate passage to course readings and objectives or to texts in course or beyond.

Summarize what learned + possible connections to previous Birth of Tragedy discussions or other class readings.

     Ask for help! Reach out to class or instructor for input or alternative readings.

Nietzsche's not easy for anyone, but reading and discussion stimulates thinking beyond what we would reach otherwise.

Dionysus (w/ wine cup & grapes tattoo) wrestling with Apollo (w/ lyre of poetry & archery tattoo)