LITR 4340 American Immigrant Literature

Reading Quizzes

Most class meetings feature a short, objective reading quiz based on the day’s assigned readings, usually after the first 15 minutes of class.

These quizzes are given one time only. If you come in after the quiz has been given, or if you miss a class, please do not ask if you can make up the quiz. I strongly appreciate your not asking me and dislike being asked. You lose more by asking than by missing the quiz.

Even if you do not know the answers, turn in the quiz with your name on it, as the quizzes are used for taking attendance.

Answer questions as briefly and accurately as possible, as I grade them quickly. In most cases, a few words or phrases will suffice. No need to answer in complete sentences.

Grades range from “checks” for correct answers to “X’s” for no right answers to combinations of these grades with pluses or minuses for combinations of right and wrong answers. Occasionally one or two students in the class receive a “check-plus” for answers that are not only accurate but entertaining, insightful, or otherwise impressive.

You are expected to make checks or check-minuses on all but one or two of your quizzes. Failure to take or turn in quizzes, or overall quiz grades noticeably lower than the class average, can result in a much lower overall course grade, beyond the declared weight of the quizzes.


Rationale for quizzes:

Quizzes force students to maintain their reading, which improves their discussion and exam essays. (Student course evaluations occasionally express gratitude for quizzes for helping them keep up.)

Quizzes can defend instructor from students who blame the teacher for bad grades—"personality conflict," "boring," "didn't know what he wanted"—when some students simply don't prepare for class.

Sample Quiz from American Immigrant Literature (for a book no longer used in class, concerning Vietnamese immigrants)

LITR 4333: American Immigrant Literature                  NAME:________________

Quiz 5 2nd class on Monkey Bridge; Answer all of the following questions.

1. How did Baba Quan save Uncle Michael?


2. Briefly describe Mai’s interview at Mount Holyoke.


3. Where do Mrs. Bay and Mai’s mother work? (where they meet Bill and other former American GIs)


4. What secret about Mai's mother’s parentage or Baba Quan’s politics does the mother’s manuscript reveal?