LITR 4326 Early American Literature

Web Review / Outside Text

Presentation Assignment

Web Review / Outside Text presentation: review assigned websites or texts, highlighting or touring materials for class, and applying information to objectives and reading assignment(s).

Before class . . .

Review assigned website(s) before presentation.

Plan connections to day's reading assignments.

Optional: Find and review additional web materials for your presentation (not required)

Warning about additional web materials: Students must mostly deal with sites provided by instructor.

Communicate with instructor about your plans or any questions. (email, phone 281 283 3380, or confer B2529-8)

Presentation Requirements (in any order as material or insight directs):

Students may prepare PowerPoint slides or comparable on-screen projections for this assignment, but not required.

Time: Formal presentation should be 8-15 minutes. Discussion may continue indefinitely.

Student location: Discussion-starter may work from front of class or remain seated. (Instructor can help with web or projection issues.)

1. Take over computer & projector; locate and describe materials.

2. Overview website(s).

3. Preview connections to course and readings.

4. "Tour" highlights of web site or text (5-10 minutes)

5. Pause to ask for questions, comments, or requests to back up.

6. Connect to course text(s), objective(s).

Leading student discussions with Web Reviews:

  • Discussions may be less straightforward than the reading & poetry presentations.

  • Your questions may be less definite and critical.

  • Instead, consider asking questions or pausing for comments as you proceed and especially at the end.

  • Questions can be broad and indefinite, e.g.,

    • "Does anyone else know more about this?";

    • "Should I back up and spend more time on something we passed?";

    • "I've tried applying this to our texts today--any ideas?"

  • Instructor will often support and provide context or applications.