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Critical Sources

Christopher Caldwell, "Europe’s Other Crisis"

The New Republic 4 May 2012

review of two books on European Immigration

(Caldwell is senior editor at The Weekly Standard)

thanks to

Review of Robert S. Leiken, Europe’s Angry Muslims: The Revolt of the Second Generation (Oxford UP, 354 pp., $27.95) & Walter Laqueur, After the Fall: The End of the European Dream and the Decline of a Continent (Thomas Dunne, 322 pp., $26.99) 

Applications to American Immigrant Literature:

USA is "nation of many nations," exceptional relative to European nations, which are historically defined as formed by a single ethno-national group with a common language.

USA accustomed to immigration as origin story. European nations defined by "folk" origins, rise of an identifiably national people.

How do European nations adapt to immigration and associated issues of assimilation and acculturation?

8 & 8a Britain laissez-faire, France assimilation to French model of citizenship

2 laws against veil

8 Sikh keeps beard


19-20 "colonization"

4 dissent from established European culture


Also, today "Brexit" vote in United Kingdom

33 the nation