Craig White's Literature Courses

Terms / Themes

17th Century > Enlightenment > Romanticism

aspect / period 17th Century Enlightenment Romanticism
when 1600s 1660-1780s late 1700s-early 1800s
other names Reformation / Counter-Reformation;
Baroque era
Age of Reason;
Neo-Classical Era
Age of Revolution
(American but esp. French Revolution)
mental emphasis faith reason, empiricism imagination, emotion, feeling
religious emphases God in community covenant;
return to original church
Deism + orthodox revival God or spirit in nature, children
music Bach, Vivaldi Haydn, Mozart Beethoven, Tchaikovsky,
Chopin, Brahms

Relationships between periods

1. One style replaces the other, or they conflict with each other, with the new side winning

2. Continuity: faith and reason don't go away, but pursue new forms or go backstage

3. Faith, reason, or other styles form sub-cultures or appeal to niche audiences