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Oxford English Dictionary: 1.a. The attribution of human form, nature, or characteristics to something; the representation of a thing or abstraction as a person (esp. in a rhetorical figure or a metaphor); (Art) the symbolic representation of a thing or abstraction by a human figure.

2. A person or thing as a striking example or the embodiment of a quality, idea, or other abstract concept; the epitome or incarnation of.



The wind whispered through dry grass.

The flowers danced in the gentle breeze.

“I hied me away to the woods—away back into the sun-washed alleys carpeted with fallen gold and glades where the moss is green and vivid yet. The woods are getting ready to sleep—they are not yet asleep but they are disrobing and are having all sorts of little bed-time conferences and whisperings and good-nights.” L. M. Montgomery, The Green Gables Letters.