LITR 3731 Creative Writing

Reading Quizzes


  • Any class with a reading assignment may feature a quiz on the pages you were expected to read.

  • Quizzes are given one time only. If you come in after the quiz or miss a class, do not ask if you can make up the quiz. I very much dislike being asked. You risk losing more by asking than you do by missing a quiz.

  • Even if you are unprepared, turn in a quiz with your name on it, as the quizzes are used for taking attendance.

  • Answer questions as briefly and accurately as possible--I grade them very quickly. Usually a few words or phrases will suffice. No need for complete sentences.

  • Grades range from “checks (<)” for correct answers to “X’s” for no right answers to combinations with pluses or minuses.

  • You are expected to make checks or check-minuses on all but one or two of your quizzes. Failure to take or turn in quizzes, or overall quiz grades noticeably lower than the class average, can result in a much lower overall course grade, beyond the declared weight of the quizzes.

Rationale for reading quizzes: Compared to reading-based Literature courses, Creative Writing’s “workshop” organization permits little time for discussing instructional materials. Therefore students must learn on their own and be prepared for brief discussions. In addition, the final exam requires the student to review learning from reading assignments.