LITR 3731 Creative Writing


Attendance: You are expected to attend every scheduled class meeting. You may take one free cut. More than one absence jeopardizes your status in the course. If you miss more than one class (especially early in the session), you are encouraged to drop.

Partial absences also count negatively. If you miss the first class, even if you are not enrolled at that time, that absence counts as your free cut.

Even with medical or other emergency excuses, an excessive number of absences (full or partial) results in a lower or failing grade.

            More than one absence affects final grades.  You are always welcome to discuss your standing in the course.


Academic Honesty Policy: Please refer to the current UHCL catalog for the Academic Honesty Policy.  Plagiarism—that is, using research without citations or copying someone else’s work as your own—will result in a grade penalty or failure of the course. Refer to the UHCL catalogue for further details regarding expectations and potential penalties.

Disabilities: If you have a disability and need a special accommodation, consult first with the Health Center and then discuss the accommodation with me.

Incompletes: A grade of "I" is given only in cases of documented emergency late in the semester.  An Incomplete Grade Contract must be completed.

Late submissions: Any student who submits late materials is subject to lower grades, either in individual grades or course grades.