LITR 3731 Creative Writing

         Email and webpage contributions

The web address for this course's webpage is

Install it as a “favorite” on your web browser for easy access.

Each student must make several contributions to the webpage through the instructor via email or other electronic means.

Required email contributions:

1. Discussion Leader’s questions for presentations (before or after presentation)

2. poetry and fiction submissions

Optional email contributions: Authors making presentations are welcome to email draft manuscripts to the instructor ahead of the presentation, at which time they can be posted to the webpage for projection during the presentation, but not required.

Email address: Send all emails to Note the "c" at the end of "whitec." If you send the email to "white" only, it goes to the wrong professor.

Attachments, etc.: Try both of the following

  • “Attach” your word processing file to an email message. (My computer uses Microsoft Word 2000. The only word processing programs my computer appears unable to translate are Microsoft Works and Apple programs. If in doubt, save your word processing file in "Rich Text Format" or a “text only” format.)

  • If you’re not using Word, paste the contents of your file directly into the email message.

If you have trouble reaching me by email, save your word processing file to a flash drive and bring it to class.

Student computer access: Every enrolled student at UHCL is assigned an email account on the university server. For information about your account and password, call the university help desk at 281 283 2828.

Reassurances: You are not graded on your expertise in electronic media but on your intelligence in reading literature, discussing it, and writing about it. I’ve tried similar email exercises for several semesters; a few students encounter a few problems, but, if we don’t give up, these problems always work out. Your course grade will not suffer for mistakes with email and related issues as long as I see you making a fair effort.