LITR 5831 Seminar in Multicultural Literature:

American Immigrant

presentation assignments

discussion leader

Student leadership of text-discussions enables fresh insights from first-time readers and reduces pressures of instructor leadership.

Assigned student leads discussion of day’s reading assignment. You may use the computer-projector or not; instructor can help locate web materials while you lead seminar.

PowerPoint slides are discouraged except for materials not available otherwise on website.

Order of following requirements is flexible.

You may start any discussion by simply opening the floor to comments or questions regarding the assigned reading.   >

1. Identify Objective(s) or themes relevant to discussion, +- relate to previous or later readings.

2. Direct seminar to 2-3 passages in reading assignment.

3. Read passage(s) aloud.

4. Briefly interpret passage in relation to objective or other texts relevant to course & ask question(s).

5. Questions should be based on passages and purposes but at some point in your presentation ask at least one of the instructor's "Discussion Questions."

6. Repeat 3-5.

7. Above all, feature questions in your presentation as a means of leading discussion.

Questions specific to reading and objective are best, but also . . .

Generic questions ("What did you think?"--"Did you see other examples?")

Invite challenges to interpretation. 

Alternative approach: if you're struggling with the day's reading assignment or connecting it to the course's themes or objectives. consider . . .

1. Review your difficulties with the reading (often shared by class)—what interest does the author assume, and what are your interests instead?

2. Locate some parts you liked or nearly liked—what are they offering that you want more of?

Or some combination of these approaches—your purpose is to connect what you and fellow students want to discuss with our Course Objectives, so find a way to start.