LITR 5831 Seminar in Multicultural Literature:

American Immigrant

presentation assignments

   Web Review  

(10-15 minutes total, though discussion may continue.)

PowerPoint presentations are discouraged. If you prefer to use PowerPoint, use only for materials not available on the course website (e.g., for your own questions or summaries of your answers).

Do not copy and paste materials from course website into PowerPoint. Instead go directly to website for materials (e.g., text passages, instructor's discussion questions, objectives, etc.).

Two kinds of web review: 1. for instructional or media sites; 2. for Model Assignments


Web Review for instructional or media sites

Web Review for Model Assignments

Before class . . .

Student presenter reviews assigned websites & selects aspects to review in class.

Do not assume that other students will preview websites, and instructor may not have reviewed recently.

In class . . .

1. Student uses class terminal-projector to locate and display site.

2. Overview of purpose or relevance of website to today's readings or course overall.

3. Locate 3-4 parts or sub-pages on site that relate to day's readings, course objectives, ethnic group under consideration, or previewed assignment.

4. Comment and ask questions or invite comments.

5. Repeat process for other passages.

6. When discussion completes, summarize possible learning outcomes.





Before class . . .

Student presenter pre-reads several designated submissions in Model Assignments & selects passages or highlights to review in class.

Selections of passages may be based on personal appeal (writing style, subject interest) but also on how well the submission fulfills the assignment; e.g. midterm, final exam, research project.

Do not assume that other students will preview websites, and instructor may not have reviewed recently.

In class . . .

Designated student previews presentation, how s/he prepared for it, and leads class to midterm or final sample from Model Assignments and blocks or highlights passages.

Presenter reads passages aloud, commenting on style-appeals, thematic unity, or relevance to assignment.

After each passage, presenter may ask for student reactions to selections; e.g., "What else stood out?"; "Did you see any other outstanding passages, appeals, or problems?"

Overall purpose of discussion: Why the passage was chosen and what was learned from it, or how it might have been improved.

Student presenter may lead discussion for a few minutes, but the instructor will take over eventually.

Discussion questions may be broad or general; e.g.,

"Did anyone see anything else worth commenting on?" or

"If you were grading this passage, what kind of positive or negative criticism might you offer?"