Literary & Historical Utopias: syllabus details

Note on grading

  • Percentages associated with assignments are not construed mathematically but only as approximate relative weight. Only letter grades are given (also pluses and minuses).

  • Grades are based primarily on quality of writing (or, for presentations, thematic cogency), judged in comparison with other students’ work. Your writing will be criticized in the interest of helping you improve. Criticism does not distinguish organization and style from content and intention.

  • Review of your submissions takes the time-limits of the summer schedule and exam writing into account, especially lack of opportunities for revision. As indicators of talent, thought, and preparation, however, people’s writing under time-pressure is usually not radically different from their revised writing . Perfect fairness and optimal individual opportunity are rare in this non-utopian world, but the course strives for all students to perform and be judged under similar conditions and standards.