LITR 5439 Literary & Historical Utopias

Instructor's Presentation

utopian motives:

i.e., what social motives besides profit and property? are



wise philosopher-king as model for society



perpetual self-improvement










models for better living










nation / community as extended family





More, Utopia, Of the Traveling of the Utopians: . . . "[A]ccording to their plenty or scarcity, they supply or are supplied from one another, so that indeed the whole island is, as it were, one family." (42)




4 patterns might be taken for correcting the errors of these nations among whom we live

31 gardens, emulation by streets [civic competition]

35 even the Syphogrants . . . work, that by their examples they may excite the industry of the rest of the people



Campanella's City of the Sun