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Celebration USA

(planned community
at Disney World)

(Austin Green, web reviewer 2019): Celebration, Florida: First move-in summer of 1996. Disney sold it off in 2004.

Welcome to Celebration, Florida!

photos of Celebration

How the Disney dream died in Celebration

New York Times, 2004: "Disney Is Selling a Town It Built to Reflect the Past"

"Common Myths about Celebration"

YouTube video: Living in the town that Disney built

(Austin Green, web reviewer 2019): Forced happinessóitís creepy! Itís artificial. Works at Disney World for a few days visit or vacation, canít work 24/7.

Architects Newspaper (2016): "Celebration, FL is ruined by mold and shoddy construction, residents say"  

Review of a visit to Celebration (from American Studies project at U. of Virginia)

Analysis of Celebration (from American Studies Today Online)

USA Today article on Celebration 

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