LITR 5439 Literary & Historical Utopias




19th- and

early 20th-Century

American Utopias

(experimental communities)

round barn, Shaker village at Hancock, MA


Oneida Community

Noah Berlatsky, Many Men and Many Women: How a Sect Redefined Marriage 165 Years Ago., 24 April 2013

The Oneida Community (New York History Net)

Oneida Community Mansion House: A Living Museum

Oneida community photos from Syracuse U. Library

Oneida Flatware + corporate history of Oneida Community



National Park Service on 19th-century American Utopias + Shakers

Metropolitan Museum of Art history of Shakers, their economy and furniture crafts

Wikipedia page on Shaker Furniture

Shaker style furniture from Vermont Woods Studios


New Harmony (Indiana)

Historic New Harmony (U. of Southern Indiana)

Legends of America: New Harmony, Indiana—Utopia in the Midwest

overview of New Harmony history

New Harmony scientists, educators, writers & artists


Amana Colonies

Amana Colonies: National Park Service website

Amana History (Amana Heritage Society)

The Community of True Inspiration (Amana religion)


Additional sites for Eunice Renteria presentation, summer 2015 Oneida Community : Complex Marriage : The Last of the Shakers :Shaker Meadows website Top 10 Dystopian Movies 

Campanella's City of the Sun