LITR 5439 Literary & Historical Utopias

Instructor's Presentation

Overview of Responsibilities

Like most graduate seminars in the Humanities, this course's pedagogy de-emphasizes lecture in favor of developing student leadership and research in the profession. BUT because the session is so short and the subject of utopias is so large, the instructor will offer brief lecture-style presentations to indicate additional areas of study.

Since a lecture-presentation doesn't ask much from its audience besides attention, most students can simply listen and respond with appropriate interest or curiosity unless they have some special background or knowledge.

To keep the presentation from devolving into the instructor droning to himself and to sharpen his response to student interests, though, two "student respondents" will be expected briefly to prepare to help the presentation or its discussion.

Responsibilities of student respondents:

  • read instructor's presentation page before class

  • search web sources on subject as available

  • ask question or request for clarity or background on presentation

  • suggest relevance to objectives

Other possibilities may emerge in practice and consultation.