American Literature: Romanticism
Student Presentation

Web-Video Review / Outside Text


Length: 8-12 minutes for presentation (depending on length of poem); discussion may continue indefinitely

Preparation: Student independently previews website or video, or reads appropriate parts of outside text. (A few other students may preview assignment before class, but don't count on it. Act like no one else has prepared and like you're letting students know what they will find if they read or view for themselves.)

Student chooses highlights from website or video or text to share with students. Selections should apply to some aspect of course: objectives, readings, previous discussions.

Presentation: Student projects website, video, or text on screen. If text is unavailable digitally, distribute photocopies of selected passages. (Instructor can help with photocopies.)

1. Introduce presentation, identifying website, video, or text.

2. Relate to course objectives, reading assignments, or previous discussions.

3. Preview selections and questions for discussion.

4. Highlight and review selected passages or links, or play relevant parts of video.

5. After reviewing, reading, or playing relevant parts, offer observations and invite discussion.

6. Since most students will be previously unfamiliar with materials, discussion may be broad, but invite questions and comments, or ask a question inquiring about familiarity with comparable materials.


Suggestion for discussion: Don't save questions and discussion for end, but mix in questions and discussion as presentation proceeds.