LITR 4370 Tragedy
Discussion-leader presentation

Student leadership of text discussions introduces fresh insights for first-time readers and reduces pressure from instructor's leadership.

These requirements may go in any order:

  • Identify idea, theme, problem, or issue you want to discuss from the reading assignment.

  • Relate your theme to a term or course objective, compare another play or presentation, or connect to other course materials on webpage.

  • Direct class (line or page numbers) to 1-2 brief passages and read selections, commenting on application to theme or idea.
    (Choose passages that appealed to you, but connect to class ideas & objectives or to other texts)

  • Ask a question to begin discussion. The question should follow from your reading, but it may also appeal more broadly to the challenges that the text may present to the class. It may also refer to other class readings.

  • Ask at least one of the instructor's "Discussion Questions" at some point in your presentation.

  • Lead discussion.

(10-15 minutes total, though sometimes discussion continues)

Don't necessarily save questions till the end. Often it helps to preview questions or ask them at different stages of presentation.