Greek vase depicting satyrs & maenads
dancing in Bacchic rites
LITR 4370 Tragedy

Bacchae Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are discouraged. If you prefer to use PowerPoint, use only for materials not available on the course website (e.g., for your own questions or summaries of your answers).

Do not copy and paste materials from course website into PowerPoint. Instead go directly to website for materials (e.g., text passages, instructor's discussion questions, objectives, etc.).

Student location: Student may work up-front or remain seated; instructor can help with computer-projector.

Before class . . .

Student pre-reads assigned portion of Bacchae. (The rest of the class is not required to read, so don't assume they know anything beyond previous Bacchae presentations.)

In class . . .

Find passage in play on Bacchae website and review plot of Bacchae so far and preview how your part develops the plot.

Take class to 2-3 passages in assignment that impressed you as exciting or significant.

At some point, connect your presentation to either a website or video on the Bacchae page (or find another website or video on your own).

At end of presentation (or along the way), open floor to questions or comments.

Have 1-2 questions prepared for discussion—these questions can be generic, e.g.

"What was surprising?"

"What parts interested you?"

"What qualities of this tragedy remind you of other tragedies?"

Or they may focus on particular passages:

"Here's how I see this passage working . . . . Is it saying the same thing for you?"

"I couldn't make sense of this part. . . . Does anyone have an interpretation?"

or more specific & contextual (as the summer proceeds):

How does Euripides's style differ from that of Aeschylus (Oresteia) and Sophocles (Oedipus Cycle)?

Why is Euripides often criticized as both decadent in relation to his forebears and popular or modern to later audiences? (<Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy)

Connections to other texts or presentations are always welcome and impressive.

Bacchic dancers with leopard skins (and leopards!) + satyr with flue