LITR 4238 American Renaissance

  Model Assignments Presentation

PowerPoint presentations (and other such programs) are discouraged. If you prefer to use PowerPoint (etc.), use only for materials not available on course website (e.g., for your own questions or summaries of your answers).

         Do not copy and paste materials from course website into PowerPoint. Go directly to course website for materials (e.g., text passages, instructor's discussion questions, objectives, etc.).

Student location: Student may work up-front or remain seated (If seated, instructor can help with computer-projector.)

Length: 8-12 minutes for presentation; Discussion may continue indefinitely.

Responsibility: You're not responsible for reading and reviewing every Model Assignment. Just find 2 or 3 that work for you and explain how and why.

Procedure / format

Designated student leads class to midterm, research, or final samples from Model Assignments and reviews outstanding or impressive passages as models for upcoming assignments.

The student is required only to choose a couple of examples before the class meeting, to use the class computer to find and highlight the passages, read them over with the class, and comment about why the passage was chosen and what was learned from it.

This informal presentation may lead to discussion, but a discussion question is not required. The main point is to identify successful answers and provide brief analysis of what works in the passages highlighted.

For discussion, the student presenter should welcome input or reactions from students. You might simply ask, "Did you see what I saw? Anything else worth commenting on?"