LITR 4232 American Renaissance
syllabus details

Text reader / discussion leader

presentation assignment

In any order:

  • Identify idea, theme, problem, or issue from reading assignment; relate to course objective(s)

  • Project text on screen from webpage. Instructor or presenter may manage onscreen text; student may work from front or from seat

    ?project outline of presentation?--not required. (email for post, bring on flashdrive, download from email)

  • Direct class to 1-2 passages of text and read selections, briefly commenting on application to opening theme, idea, or objective.

  • Ask question(s) to start discussion. Questions should follow from your reading but may also appeal more broadly to challenges the text presents. Good to connect to other class readings. More than 1 question is advisable.

  • Lead discussion.

Timing: 5-10 minutes for presentation itself. Discussion may run longer. If presentation part goes beyond 10 minutes, you will be asked to "wrap up" and start discussion. In general, students are ready to discuss fairly quickly after the reading, so don't lose that opportunity.

Variation: Ask a question early, lead some discussion, then present some more, ask another question, lead discussion.

Sample reading presentations from Model Assignments

2006 reading presentations

2004 reading presentations

Advice for successful presentation:

  • Start discussion as soon as you can. Students are ready to talk as soon as the passage is read.

  • Mix discussion with analysis. Instead of telling class what you think, ask what they think, then add what they didn't say for you.

  • When in doubt, ask a question.

  • When in doubt about a question, review objective(s)

Best to mix presentation and discussion:

1. present or analyze

2. ask questions, discuss

3. present more

4. discuss more

5. repeat as helpful

Reason for these variations: the longer you talk, the more you lose the class. The sooner you start discussion, the more students join in.

Silent grade criteria: Quality of presentation counts but also quality of discussion.