Instructional Materials for Craig White's Literature Courses

Course Policies

(Craig White, UHCL, LITR)

Attendance: You are expected to attend every scheduled class meeting.  You may take one free cut.  Attendance may not be taken systematically, but if you miss more than one meeting, you start jeopardizing your status in the course. If you miss more than two classes (especially early), you are encouraged to drop.

  • Partial absences also count negatively.

  • Even with medical or other emergency excuses, a high number of absences (full or partial) will result in a lower or failing grade.

  • If shockingly absent, return and make contact (281 283 3380) or leave message ASAP. More than one absence affects final grades.  You are always welcome to discuss your standing in the course.

Participation: Student participation is normally welcome but is judged less on quantity than on quality and appropriateness to the topic under discussion and the point being pursued.

  • Final course grades may be affected by inappropriate student participation.

  • Inappropriate participation obviously includes offensive or distasteful remarks and persistent chatting while class is in progress.

  • Inappropriate participation may also include interruptions of lecture or discussion with irrelevant or untimely comments or questions.

  • Inappropriate participation may also include long-winded "life stories" of limited relevance to the course or interest to the students.

Academic Honesty: Please refer to the catalog for the Academic Honesty Policy.  Plagiarism—using research without citations or copying someone else’s work as your own—will result in a grade penalty or failure of the course plus an honor code violation. Refer to the UHCL catalogue for further details regarding expectations and potential penalties.

Disabilities: If you have a disability and need a special accommodation, consult first with the Health Center or Disabilities Office and then discuss accommodations with me.

Incompletes: A grade of "I" is given only in cases of documented emergency late in the semester.  An Incomplete Grade Contract must be completed. Confer as early as possible.

Make-up exam policy: Ask far in advance for times before the regular exam.  Professor has the right to refuse accommodations requested on short notice.


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